About Me

Twelve years in tech.

  • Managed the website and emails for quilt book publisher Martingale, created their li’l bird logo, Marty.
  • Designed ads and building landing pages for Amazon, Valve, Holland America Line.
  • Director of Marketing for a company of 21 picture frame shops.
  • Software management for Happy Day Restaurants.

Grew up north of Seattle, moved around a lot, lived on the East Coast for a few years.

“Walkaway” Democrat. Medical freedom activist; advocate for real food and the “wild human.” I believe the most compassionate form of government is one that leaves people to find their own solutions.

Homemaker. Sewist, cook, herbalist. Terrible gardener, but working to change that.

Two dogs, three cats, one sweetie pie, whom I refer to here as George.

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